5th of March, 09:00 - 15:00

Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm

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05 March, 2024

08 : 45

Welcome, Housekeeping & Introductions

By VMUG Leadership Team

09 : 00

Traditional Backup is NOT for CyberRecovery

Backup solutions have been around almost since mankind broke the first computer and lost their data.. Every backup solution might look the same at a shallow view but traditional backups were designed for a time when datacenter flooding, human error and corrupted databases were our biggest concerns. Traditional backups were on the other hand not designed for today’s world of cyberthreats. Current cyber incidents like the recent high exposure ransomware attack in Sweden shows that how you protect your data differs, not all solutions are the same no matter what the PowerPoint tells you.. According to the report Cybercrimes towards Swedish Companies 2022 (Stockholm chamber of commerce) 80% of every medium to big business in Sweden was attacked at least once during 2020… So what’s your last defense when Cybercriminals target your environment?

By Peter Eriksson, Cybersecurity Evangelist @ Rubrik

10 : 15

Automation and Operations in 55 Minutes

Join us for a hands-on session and boost your VMware automation and operations skills. We'll kick things off with a brief introduction to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), setting the stage for what's to come. Then, we'll dive deep into live demonstrations featuring Aria Automation (vRA), Aria Operations (vROps), and potentially touch on Aria Operations for Logs (vRLI) or Aria Suite Lifecycle (vRLCM). The session is all about learning, offering you the chance to see VMware's automation and operations tools in action. Gain insights, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and broaden your understanding of the VMware ecosystem.

By Bengt Grønås, Specialist Solution Engineer @ VMware by Broadcom

11 : 30

Protect your VMs with a Secure Storage Platform

In this session we will dive into the comprehensive security features of the worlds most deployed storage operating system, NetApp ONTAP. We will cover features such as Autonomous Ransomware Protection that can protect you from a ransomware attack. We will also talk about how to secure your snapshots, not just with immutability but also with a lock so no one can delete them. Lastly we will talk about how you secure your storage admins with the builtin Multi-Admin Verify functionality. With these security practices you will achieve a high cyber resiliency in your storage platform!

By Mikka Soder, System Engineer @ NetApp

12 : 15


By Radisson Blu Waterfront RBG Bar & Grill

13 : 15

Migrate & Modernize to Azure using Azure VMware Solution & HCX

Learn more about Azure VMware Solution (AVS) and Hybrid Cloud Extesion(HCX) which lets you Migrate and Modernize to Azure in a faster and easier way without any changes to your IT infrastructure and without any downtime.

By Dheeraj Goyal, Senior Specialist - Azure VMware Solution @ Microsoft

14 : 00

Ransomware Protection for vSphere - Debunking the Myths

Ransomware attacks has been a problem for vSphere since around 2021, and many companies and organizations still don't have sufficient protections in place to be able to detect and disarm an attack before it's too late. This session will go through some common myths around how to effectively protect vSphere against this. Based on experiences from real-life attacks, you will learn what works in reality and what doesn't. We will also discuss how to recover your environment after a ransomware attack and what you need to prepare before it happens.

By Anders Olsson, Senior Infrastructure/Security Architect @ TrueSec

14 : 45

Closing and Prize Giveaway

By VMUG Team





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