4th of November, 09:00

Welcome to November 2021 Sweden VMUG event! As demands for GPU accelerated computing continue to grow for use cases like AI-ML, the performance and productivity needs are increasing rapidly. NVIDIA along with VMware and HPE are providing solutions to meet the needs of the future through virtualized GPU and infrastructure. Register Today!

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4 November, 2021

09 : 00

Virtual Welcome, Housekeeping & Introductions

By VMUG Team

09 : 15

Machine Learning Infrastructure from a vSphere Infrastructure Perspective

Machine Learning workload is rapidly finding its way into the data centers. In this session, we look at the role of data in machine learning and how numerous pipelines connect various infrastructures together. We look at how vital the DevOps principles are in a world of ever-changing data, models, and code. And explore how the different phases of the ML model engineering lifecycle generate different infrastructural, technical requirements. We are exploring machine learning from an infrastructure perspective instead of from an algebraic angle.

By Frank Denneman , Chief Technologist @ VMware

10 : 15

NVIDIA and VMware, Exciting times ahead!

During this session, we start with demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI), and we will answer why AI is that important. Then, we will cover how NVIDIA GPUs accelerate Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and many more use cases. The NVIDIA AI Enterprise solution will be covered extensively since this is a performance-optimized VMware vSphere certified offering that will democratize AI for every enterprise. With this session, you will learn all there is to know from NVIDIA vGPU, AI Enterprise, and Data Processing Units (DPU’s) for VMware Project Monterey. NVIDIA and VMware, Better Together.

By Jits Langedijk, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect @ NVIDIA

11 : 00

Accelerate insight from edge to cloud

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a broad portfolio of solutions and services to enable organizations to become data driven and leveraging AI for insights into data. This transformation require a new generation of compute power from edge to cloud- a secure platform with unprecedented performance and flexibility of the cloud.

By Alexander Ojanen, Category Manager @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

11 : 15

Event Wrap-up

By VMUG Team


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